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One Brand Content Engine. KPI increases across all channels.

Your customers look to your brand for guidance. They also spend 3x more when given this guidance in a complete outfit, furniture set, or beauty look. But manual content creation can only cover a small portion of the catalog, leaving revenue on the table. More guidance = more revenue.

Before, you had to choose between quality content and scale. Not anymore.

FindMine automates and scales content creation so that 95% of products give guidance on how to Complete the Look. Our system creates Looks that are indistinguishable from ones handcrafted by a merchant. Scale AND respect your brand's unique DNA while saving internal teams 99% of their time.


Your BrandPOV is crucial

Having a strong BRANDPOVSCORE™ can explain why your shoppers seek your expertise as an authority on style. Rather than basing your customer’s experience on generic style trends and “wisdom of the crowds” that may damage your brand, it is vital to preserve your brand’s vision throughout the entire shopping journey. Learn more about the importance on providing your brand’s expertise in our research.

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    ROI Calculator

    We were surprised to see how much money we were able to make our retailer and brand customers, and also how poorly most other vendors measure their results, so we wanted to share this data and calculator to help.

    Use this calculator to see how much additional top-line revenue your company should be making from showing on-brand Looks (outfits, furniture/decor sets, beauty looks) for >90% of your product catalog and across all channels.