The Tech Providers Who Are Changing Fashion Retailing

Michelle Bacharach, ceo of FindMine, is also helping brands build loyalty and conversions with technology that touts a brand or retailer’s point of view. The company’s “Complete the Look” automated platform “shows shoppers how to use each product, while staying true to the brand, and increasing your revenues by tens of millions,” the company said. […]

FindMine helps take the confusion out of ‘finishing the look’

FindMine allows retailers to share their brand’s point of view about using products, Bacharach says, “then apply it across the entire product catalog and across every single touchpoint in the customer’s potential journey.” She says by showing full outfits and suggesting items that “complete the look,” FindMine can increase average order value by up to […]

Adidas deploys AI to help shoppers complete their look

The footwear giant is partnering with artificial intelligence (AI) platform provider Findmine to automatically generate complete recommended outfits when customers browse an individual product. Before leveraging the Findmine solution, Adidas merchandisers had to manually build outfits for its online “Complete the Look” recommendation feature. This process took 27 steps and 20 minutes, resulting in fewer […]