About Us

FindMine is a venture-backed technology company that has created an industry-leading content creation engine using machine learning. We believe that the biggest differentiator for any brand is their unique expertise and Brand Point of View, and not communicating that at scale is a threat to a brand’s existence. The key to communicating this Brand POV at scale is to produce high quality content at a high scale, meeting consumers wherever they may interact with the brand. FindMine allows brands to realize this vision by de-bottlenecking the content creation process (which is currently highly manual) wherever it is bottlenecked.

FindMine is creating a new category that scales the brand’s unique POV

It is not personalization nor is it based on the wisdom of the crowds. Personalization is made more effective by a content engine that helps brands create enough content to fill the unique segments that personalization makes possible.
Personalization, because it is based on wisdom of the crowds cannot safely be left unchecked, or it will leave a brand vulnerable to commoditization. That’s why you’ll see brands actively creating content that communicates their unique POV, and why you’ll see FindMine clients using personalization alongside FindMine-produced content.
We are at the forefront of a movement in a consumer behavior tide shift where increasingly the brand identity and POV is the measure by which brands live or die. Our unique datasets and understanding of Brand POV allow only us to do this. Brands who stand for nothing will be quickly commoditized, going bankrupt or forced to compete with Amazon solely on price & convenience (a race they’ll certainly lose). The brands who carve out a POV through, and amplify it via, high quality content at scale will be rewarded with ever larger share of wallet from consumers. FindMine aims to be the driving force in helping brands not only survive against the competitive threats of Amazon and others, but also thrive.