Associates & Personal Shoppers

Add FindMine to your existing associate apps or use our simple style guide builder to guide shoppers with your unique style expertise without the manual work.


Show Style Guides inside dynamic and beautiful ad creative that, when clicked, take the shopperto a custom (but automated) landing page.


Add Complete the Look to each PDP, automatically create landing pages for themes or campaigns, add to My Account pages or the basket prior to or post-checkout.

Merchant Intelligence

Use data from FindMine to choose the best look for the window display, see what sells best when paired, and A/B test different merchandising strategies to maximize sell-through.

In Store

Help customers guide themselves through large format kiosks, displays, or even their own phones, snapping a pic of any product and seeinghow to style it.


Guide shoppers with how to use a product in abandon cart, post-purchase, win back campaigns, or other emails. Maximize any segments you’ve created with specific style guides right for each one.