Boost Revenue
and Increase Customer Loyalty with Inspirational, Shoppable Content for Every Single Product, Everywhere it Appears.

Boost Revenue

Perry Ellis Maximizes Revenue and Inspires Shoppers

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Perry Ellis’ increase in demand per visitor
Innovative solutions like FindMine are essential to the execution of our customer engagement strategy, and we look forward to offering a best in class experience with the FindMine team.

Oscar Feldenkreis - President, Perry Ellis International

Inspire Your Shoppers Across the Entire Customer Journey

Complete the Look

Dynamically showcase every single product in your catalog in one or more complete “Looks” that showcase your aspirational vision to help shoppers imagine how to use their purchase. No waiting for outsourced stylists to create or update assets. Products and inspriational content go live at the same moment!
FindMine has helped us ensure that our newest products have cross- selling from day 1, improving conversion, average order value, & customer satisfaction better than any other solution we’ve tried.

Senior Director, Adidas Consumer Experience

Shop the Look

Level up your photography with dynamic shoppable links that allow your customer to quickly find and buy precisely what you’re inspiring them with.
Our system will match the exact products in the photo and replace out of stocks (if desired) so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Upsell at Checkout

Insert the most effective content (curated on the fly) at checkout that will maximize the customer’s purchase based on their interests and your brand’s unique vision.

Other approaches leave money on the table where FindMine gets more products into assets, without sacrificing quality

Landing Pages & Lookbooks

Elevate your landing pages with shoppable content that dynamically showcase entire Looks or Moments, not just individual products, without taxing your merchandisers with extra work.
Your brand rules and goals dictate which products to display that fit the theme, are in-stock, and available for purchase.
“ I spend less than 30 minutes per week creating 10 outfits for high profile collections. FINDMINE AI then does the rest of the work, creating 4000+ more outfits automatically.”

Manager of Journey Optimization, Multi-Billion Dollar Sportswear Brand

Unique Insights

Receive reports that highlight the top performing content that are driving sales – uncover the best looks, products and categories.
Unearth more insights about your shopper and their desires using our custom insights engine.

Why Retailers Love Us

Holistic Approach to Improving CLV

Holistic Approach to Improving CLV

Actionable Insights

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