Features & Benefits

Dynamic emails with no manual setup
Feed every segment with on-brand content
Post purchase followups
Seasonal style guides
Reduce returns & improve frequency

Choose Your Interface Design

You can choose from our variety of different user interface options, mix and match elements, or feel free to build your own!

Email Features Benefits

PDP with Outfits on Model

Seasonal Style Guides

Recommended Integrations



Add Complete the Look to each PDP, automatically create landing pages for themes or campaigns, add to My Account pages or the basket prior to or post-checkout.

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Show Style Guides inside dynamic
and beautiful ad creative that, when clicked, take the shopper
to a custom (but automated)
landing page.

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Associates & Personal Shoppers

Add FindMine to your existing associate apps or use our simple style guide builder to guide shoppers with your unique style expertise without the manual work.

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