The Tech Providers Who Are Changing Fashion Retailing

Michelle Bacharach, ceo of FindMine, is also helping brands build loyalty and conversions with technology that touts a brand or retailer’s point of view. The company’s “Complete the Look” automated platform “shows shoppers how to use each product, while staying true to the brand, and increasing your revenues by tens of millions,” the company said.

Clients of FindMine include Adidas, Perry Ellis International and John Varvatos, among others. Scott Lux, vice president of e-commerce and digital marketing at John Varvatos, offered a testimonial on FindMine’s site that said the deployment of the platform “increased revenue, the efficiency of our merchandising team, and engagement from our customers during their site experience.”

“Each retailer or brand has an opportunity to offer unique expertise to help a customer be successful with what they’re buying,” Bacharach said in a recent WWD guest column. “Fashion and home decor brands and retailers can offer style guidance. Home Depot helps me get the right drill bits and screws to match my drill and the purpose of my project. Michaels is an expert at crafting. FootLocker can help me be the best athlete I can be.”

The ceo went on to say that it is this expertise that sets retailers apart from one another. is part of each of these retailers’ brands. “Both retailers that sell only one brand and multibrand retailers have a brand point of view,” Bacharach explained. “Saks and Neiman Marcus have very different style ‘points of view’ even if they sell many of the same products. This expertise is also one of the only remaining things they have to uniquely differentiate them from Amazon. If I want a pair of Stan Smiths, I can get them on Amazon. But if I want to be a cooler more streetwear savvy version of myself, I’m going to buy them from or an Adidas store because they’re the absolute only authority on the ‘Three Stripes Life.’ Amazon will never get to own that ‘Three Stripes Life’ feeling because that’s part of the brand identity of Adidas.”