AI-driven styling outfit FindMine, one of LVMH’s La Maison de Startups, has raised $8.9 million in a Series A that closed just days ago, the company told WWD.

Led by Grayhawk Ventures, the round puts FindMine’s total amount raised to date at $17.6 million. The list of Series A backers include Grayhawk Capital, Frazier Capital, PJC and angels Sarah Wallis and Vikas Gupta, among others, adding to a robust slate of previous including Adidas Ventures, XRC Labs, RevTech Equity for Women Fund and Amplifyher Ventures.

It’s tempting to lump the company in with the recent spate of start-ups hopping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon. FindMine, however, rejects that categorization.

Founded in 2014, the business started taking on clients in 2016, long before the latest generative AI boom, Michelle Bacharach, chief executive officer and cofounder, pointed out.

From the start, the team was laser-focused on building out its own models. ”We actually needed what you might call old school AI, kind of like discriminative AI models, [with] supervised machine learning and stuff that needed very structured data in the old-school data-science era, in order to be able to do what we do,” she said.

The company quickly attracted Adidas as one of its early clients, which was a boon, but also an intense challenge…

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